Cindy Goldsberry

There is no magic bullet for sales success…and a focus just on sales skills, lead gen tactics and sales process only sets down a fraction of the groundwork required for achieving the critical success factors to revenue generation. Everyone knows the sales ecosystem has changed dramatically while old sales techniques and playbooks are no longer effective. It’s time sales professionals and organizations adopt a new paradigm for approaching and engaging with their ideal clients. ZFactor Sales Accelerator V2V assists sales professionals to meet buyers where they are, lead their prospects on a benefit-filled journey, and change perception of their role in sales as they experience going from being a Vendor to one of Value Creator – or partner.

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About the Author

Cindy G. Goldsberry has thirty years of business experience, specifically in developing and implementing business strategies for revenue generation and advancement of sales and marketing talent to accelerate business performance. She is a partner with ZFactor Group, offering on-demand, executive level expertise to companies experiencing fast growth, crisis or change. ZFactor Sales Accelerator: From Vendor to Value Creator, has been listed on Amazon’s Best Sellers for sales teams.

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