Dan Veitkus

Are you tired of “smart talk” that leads to no good outcome?

Do you really want to endure another meeting, conversation or planning session that wastes your time and leads to no meaningful conclusion?

If you’ve had enough overdose on management consulting jargon, political double-talk, pointless meetings and friendly fire masked as boardroom banter this is the book for you.

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About the Author

Dan Veitkus the Managing Partner of a global executive search and integrated talent management firm based in Boston, MA, USA.

Prior to entering the field of executive search and professional coaching, Dan served 20 years as a business leader and executive for private and public companies in the telecom, software and corporate learning sectors. His functional expertise includes international operations, sales, marketing, professional services, learning and development and entrepreneurial ventures. He has logged millions of miles traveling around the world leading teams, serving customers and building successful business partnerships.

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