Danny Valenzuela

In his book, A Taste of Leadership™, Danny Valenzuela offers a taste of some fundamental practices of leadership and becoming an effective leader. These principles can be especially valuable to new, aspiring, and experienced leaders.

The book offers a taste of his ideas, experiences, readings, and observations on the subject of leadership, coaching, and life. It offers valuable thoughts, insights, ideas, and some tools on leadership that can be useful in improving employees, organizations and ourselves.

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About the Author

Danny Valenzuela is the Owner of Transition Execs, LLC, a company that provides executive, team and leadership coaching. His Ascending Leader’s Program™ provides leadership development workshops. He is also a facilitator and instructor for the College of Public Programs, Ramsey Executive Education Program at Arizona State University. He has over forty years’ experience in top-level state government positions, city management, and non-profit organizations.

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