David Giannetto

It’s easy for today’s leaders to fall into the trap of accepting trendy big-data, social media, and mobile technology initiatives as the norm: “cool” initiatives that generate only superficial results. Seduced by their promise but concerned by their complexity, many leaders allow these initiatives to be implemented in isolation—segregated from what has traditionally driven organizational success and far removed from tangible business results.

Big Social Mobile shows how big data, social media, and mobile technology can be used differently. Integrated into each other and into the enterprise itself, these digital initiatives can deliver tangible value, drive the achievement of strategic objectives and even create competitive advantage. David Giannetto shows business, marketing, and technology leaders how to make the most of these initiatives, dispelling the common beliefs that divide traditional organizational efforts from these new digital efforts, traditional enterprise data from big data, and today’s new social consumer from enterprise functions. The result is a socially aware, information-empowered organization designed to reinforce rather than diffuse its connection to consumers, provide a consistent experience across all channels and influence consumer behavior to its best advantage. Big Social Mobile highlights the importance of defusing fragmentation and connecting what feels very new—the digital revolution and the big, social, mobile initiatives that accompany it—to a more traditional business perspective. Outlining straightforward methods that connect the digital world to the people, process, technology, and information within an organization, Giannetto uses case studies and personal experience to demonstrate how to create a Big Social Mobile enterprise that operates, communicates, and interacts seamlessly across both the physical and digital landscape today’s consumers inhabit.


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About the Author

David F. Giannetto is widely recognized as one of the most influential thought-leaders at the intersection of all things information.  Working with some of today’s leading brands he provides both the technology and methodology necessary to create, understand and utilize information to improve performance. He has been listed as a thought-leader by the American Management Association, Business Finance Magazine and Consumer Goods Technology Magazine and is the author of Big Social Mobile (Palgrave Dec 2014) and the award winning The Performance Power Grid (Wiley, 2006). His hands-on experience managing within the Fortune 2000 and as a consultant has created his reputation as one of few speakers, writers and practitioners who can make complex theory actionable methods, creating tangible results, driving differentiation, influencing consumer behavior and creating sustainable superior performance. He is a writer for the American Management Association and the Huffington Post, and is SVP at Salient Management Company.

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