David Poulos

Everyone can “do” marketing . . . right? 

Marketing Doctor’s Survival Notes is a collection of essays, articles, blog posts and white papers on marketing and related topics that proves otherwise on virtually every page. The stories, recommendations, guidelines and suggestions in this book are intended to provide marketers with a framework, a skeleton, upon which to build their own experience library. They are based on over thirty years of experimental trial and error, of avoiding, bending, breaking, circumventing and twisting the accepted “rules” of marketing practice. The win/loss record in that time gives credence to the saying that rules were meant to be broken. There are many books on the marketing resource shelf written by highly-credentialed, highly-trained, scholarly academics that outline study after study, testing the rules over time, seeking best practice, showing the exceptions that prove the rules, and trying to explain the evolution of marketing practice in a codified way. This is not one of them.

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Better To Do It Right, Than To Do It Over

Like any good physician, when I take on a new project or client, I like to know as much as I possibly can about them, so that I can offer advice that is reasonable, achievable, and that will actually improve their situation, their position in the world.

The parallel in business for smaller and mid-sized firms is customer research – not individual customer research, like I use, but broader in scope – designed to determine how the majority of customers feel about the brand, how they interact with the product, how they refer to the company and the brand, both in public and in private (internally to themselves).

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About the Author

David Poulos, has over thirty years of marketing experience, ranging from private enterprise, state and federal government, non-profit and charitable organizations. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Communications from Northeastern University, Boston, MA, and has effectively served as Director of Sales for Pan International, Director of Marketing for National Information Corporation, and as Director of Client Accounts for Strategic Partners Group. He has served as a marketing and branding consultant to a host of clients including: American Airlines, ARBROS Networks, Cable & Wireless, Coca Cola, Freedom Telecom Services, Freedom Power Services, MasterCard, MCI Worldcom, National Geographic Society, Quantas Air, TALK.com, Winstar.

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