Gisela Hausmann

In today’s world, we need more than determination to reach our goals; we need naked determination.

Applying this powerful momentum to all facets of life, we can achieve immense success and even greatness. In her life skills book ‘Naked Determination, 41 Stories About Overcoming Fear’ Gisela Hausmann tells forty-one true stories demonstrating how we can overcome the fears which hinder us in taking the leap to achieve our career goals, make money, find the right partner, and so much more.

By telling entertaining stories, Gisela shows that most often overcoming fears is a simple one-step process. Readers will recognize themselves in this book. Gisela makes her point that indeed all of us know the answers to how we can succeed; all it takes is to apply naked determination.

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Why the Famous ‘Edison Story’ May Hinder Small Business Owners to Succeed

You have heard it…

I have heard it…

Our children have heard it and will hear it…

It remains to be seen if our grandchildren will hear the story correctly.

The story of Edison and his 5,000 light bulbs…

(This story is also being told with 700 light bulbs, and/or 10,000 light bulbs.)

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About the Author

Gisela Hausmann, author of fifteen books, has created a brand of ‘naked’ books that tells things as they are. The self-declared evangelist for best practices in communication has made herself a name in developing techniques to sway tough-to-reach people with emails. She has also published two books about this topic.

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