Jeff Nischwitz

Unmask is a road map for navigating your own personal journey as a leader in your business, career, relationships and life, and a must-read for any leaders seeking to enhance their influence. Jeff Nischwitz’s focus on what it means to be an authentic leader and, more important, what it takes to get there will help anyone grow in leadership, influence and impact. Jeff’s new concept of integrated leadership goes so far beyond traditional leadership strategies and tactics and introduces what he calls livingship—a new way of living, thinking and leading in every part of your life. It is this commitment to an entire life lived awake, aware and on purpose that unleashes the leaders our businesses and our world so desperately need.

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About the Author

Jeff Nischwitz is the Founder and Chief Story Debunker of The Nischwitz Group, a speaking, consulting and coaching firm that transforms people and organizations … one story at a time! Jeff helps businesses accelerate revenue, develop effective leaders, nurture high-performing teams and execute their objectives. In addition to his work as a business development and leadership consultant, Jeff is a sought-after national speaker on a wide range of professional and personal development topics. Recently called the “Wayne Dyer of business,” Jeff Nischwitz is waking up audiences and organizations across the country with his messages about conscious leadership, relationship building, team accountability, innovation and personal transformation. To learn more visit

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