Salim Ismail

For hundreds of years, traditional business structures have put an organizational/legal boundary around an asset or a workforce and ‘sold’ access to that scarcity. However, just in the last few years, a new breed of organizational structure is emerging that is able to scale at unimaginable rates – we call these Exponential Organizations (ExOs). These new organization structures are leveraging a newly available set of externalities like big data, community, the crowd or accelerating technologies and by doing so, are performing 10x better than their peers in the same space. This book examines the attributes of an Exponential Organization and provides a how-to guide for building a startup with these principles, how the principles can be applied to a mid-market company and how to retrofit these ideas into large organizations.

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About the Author

Salim Ismail is a speaker, strategist and entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. He travels extensively addressing topics including breakthrough technologies and their impact on a variety of industries. He’s spent the last four years building Singularity University. Before that, he built and ran Brickhouse, Yahoo’s internal idea incubator. His last company, Angstro, was sold to Google in 2010. The book includes contributions from Michael S. Malone, an award-winning author who has covered Silicon Valley for more than thirty years as a reporter, editor, columnist and television host as well as Yuri van Geest who has twenty years of professional experience in emerging, exponential and disruptive technological innovation.

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