Stephen Sapato

Become The Go-To Person For Your Own Success by Stephen Sapato teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to realize tremendous growth by using 21st Century Professional Business Networking methods. It starts at the basics of how to be a professional and leads you to what you can expect from your results as you grow yourself into the professional networking entrepreneur you desire to be. This book poses the questions that most networking leaves unanswered and then he puts the answers to those questions so you can find the success you have been working toward but until now, unable to achieve.

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About the Author

Steve Sapato is a proven leader and business consultant. He got his start with IBM in sales and marketing and that is also where he started his management career. He has owned several businesses and established himself as a premier management speaker training corporations throughout middle America. His move to Tampa, Florida brought him to the hub of professional networking where he became a sought after coach who taught entrepreneurs and small businesses how to improve their marketing and increase their success through professional networking. His book, ‘Become The Go-To Person For Your Own Success’ shows his expertise on the topic of Professional Business Networking and he helps people discover how to realize tremendous growth by using his 21st Century Networking methods.

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