Thom Singer

Some Assembly Required: How to Make, Grow and Keep Your Business Relationships by Thom Singer is based on the premise that people do business with people they know and like. In a world where more and more products and services are commoditized, having the advantage of being liked will become more and more important to career development. The examples given are things that anyone in any profession can do to stand apart from their competition. The strategies presented appear deceptively simple, though they are basic; few professional businesspeople actually follow through and do these things. You must take action to succeed.

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About the Author

Thom Singer is the host of the widely popular “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” podcast, and is a professional master of ceremonies and keynote speaker. He has an eclectic background working in sales, marketing and business development roles for Fortune 500 Companies, Law Firms, and entrepreneurial ventures. He believes that all opportunities come from people, and works to encourage “cooperative significance”, guiding others to discover ways to share success. Singer is the author of eleven books on the power of business relationships, business development, legal marketing, entrepreneurship, and presentation skills. He speaks regularly at business and association conferences around the United States and beyond.

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