Wally Hauck

The aim of this book is to compel leaders to replace their typical performance appraisal methods with one more closely aligned with systems thinking. In addition, the aim is to replace it with one that actually achieves the desired outcomes of increasing individual development, improving communication between employees, implementing organizational strategies, and improving organizational performance. The motivation to replace the typical performance appraisal methods is achieved by clearly articulating four essential steps. First, the book clearly demonstrates the folly of using the typical performance appraisal. It provides compelling evidence of its inability to achieve the intended outcomes. Most leaders who use the typical appraisal process are already convinced of this. Second, the book explains how we have all been misled (with the best of intentions) to adopt a flawed paradigm that sustains (justifies) the use of the typical appraisal. Third, it describes a more effective leadership paradigm (systems thinking and Dr. W. Edward Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge) which is based on a set of assumptions consistent with systems thinking. Finally, Wally Hauck’s book provides a replacement for the typical performance appraisal (aligned with the more effective paradigm) which enables leaders to address the daunting contemporary challenges that keep them awake at night.

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About the Author

Wally Hauck, PhD has a cure for the “deadly disease” known as the typical performance appraisal. Wally holds a doctorate in organizational leadership from Warren National University, a Master of Business Administration in finance from Iona College, and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania. Wally is a Certified Speaking Professional or CSP. Wally has a passion for helping leaders let go of the old and embrace new thinking to improve leadership skills, employee engagement, and performance. Wally embraces Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s Theory of Profound Knowledge which helps leaders to remove obstacles that block effective performance. As a professor of Organizational Change and Development at the University of New Haven in Connecticut Wally received the highest ratings of all professors in 2012.

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