Adrian Ott

Exponential Influence®:
Designing Digital Habits That Engage Distracted Customers

Everyone knows that repetition forms habits.
But did you know that repetition KILLS Digital Habits?

Digital Habits are powerful and different. They also create a unique competitive advantage for market leaders like Google.

Your customers are more distracted and less loyal than ever in today’s time-starved, always-connected economy.  Digital Habits integrate human neuroscience with the latest technology to gain more traction throughout the customer journey.

This book provides fresh ideas for CMOs, customer experience, strategy, and digital marketing executives who seek to apply the latest marketing and technology approaches to win more business.  You will discover:

    • – Five Triggers based on neuroscience that engage every prospective buyer
    • – How Amazon, Disney, and Apple put customer loyalty on steroids by designing Digital Habit Ecosystems
    • – Frameworks that help you apply Digital Habit techniques to grow your business and gain competitive advantage.



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About the Author

Consulting Magazine called Adrian Ott, “One of Silicon Valley’s most respected, (if not the most respected) strategists.”   As CEO of Exponential Edge Inc., she serves as a catalyst for visionary executives at major companies such as Microsoft, P&G, Google, Symantec, and EMC to accelerate market traction for new technology products. She is the award-winning author of The 24-Hour Customer, and she lectures on leading-edge marketing strategy at USC, Carnegie Mellon and Stanford. In 2014, Harvard Business School honored Adrian as one of the most inspirational leaders in Northern California. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS from U.C. Berkeley.

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