Chris Westfall

With digital media, customers today have more ammunition than ever.  That’s why you’ve got to have a BulletProof Brand.  With insight from executive leaders at Cargill, Cisco, The Huffington Post and more, Chris Westfall provides the six pillars of a bulletproof brand.

“When your critics and your competition come at you with guns blazing, you need the best protection for your brand.”  – Jeffrey Hayzlett

Find out how to build engagement, increase loyalty and enrich the conversation with the people that matter most to your organization.  Here’s a message of operational excellence – because branding isn’t just a part of your business, it IS your business.  For C-Suite executives, you are your brand – you owe it to yourself and your customers to make sure you know what’s missing, before it bites you where it hurts the most.  BulletProof Branding – because you can’t afford to be unprotected.  See the video and learn more:

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About the Author

Chris Westfall is the US National Elevator Pitch Champion, and the author of The NEW Elevator Pitch, with a foreword by Jeffrey Hayzlett.  His marketing strategies have created multi-million dollar revenues on four continents, and enabled his clients to land on Shark Tank, Dragons’ Den and even Shark Tank Australia.  Consulting clients include HP, Cisco, Experian and more – he’s dedicated to helping executives to create personal and professional growth through effective branding.  Find out more on his website,

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