Colin Shaw

Many organizations are trying to improve their Customer experience as their Customer measures (NPS etc) plateau, but struggle to know what to do. To address these new problems, new thinking is needed. You need to understand the intuitions that drive your Customer’s Behavior at an emotional, subconscious and psychological level.

This new thinking is outlined in this groundbreaking new book, “The Intuitive Customer: 7 imperatives for moving your Customer to the next level, Palgrave MacMillan, October 2016.

Colin Shaw and Professor Hamilton have distilled this wisdom down to Seven Imperatives that an organization must embrace to move their Customer Experience to the next level. With this easy and entertaining read, yours could be next organization to take a massive leap forward. In this ground breaking book you will learn how to move your Customer Experience to the next level by embracing customer’s irrationality, recognizing that people are complex and often what they say and do can be very different. You will also discover the all-important role that memory has in Customer Loyalty.

Shaw & Hamilton provide a series of examples, best practice and practical tools to help you move your CX to the next level. They provide examples of organizations that have embraced this approach and improved their Net Promoter scores by 40 points in 30 months, which has grown their revenues by 10%.

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Unlocking the Hidden Customer Experience

Colin Shaw’s eBook, “Unlocking the Hidden Customer Experience: Short Stories of Remarkable Practices that Ensure Success” explores both the philosophy behind great Customer Experience and the best (and worst) real-world examples of them. As the founder and CEO of Beyond Philosophy and author of four best-selling books on Customer Experience, Shaw uses his expertise to point out where today’s companies are using their Customer Experience to foster an environment conducive to Customer loyalty and retention—and where they aren’t.

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The quality of customer experience has become more important in recent times as businesses struggle to differentiate themselves. But what are the emerging trends that businesses should focus on today? The authors explore the growing trends that progressive businesses need to understand to give themselves a competitive advantage.

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Building Great Customer Experiences

This book is about building and delivering great customer experiences. Many companies neglect this, but the physical execution and emotional impact of customer experiences, companies and brands may ultimately determine customer satisfaction and loyalty and commercial success. With the use of compelling examples and cases the authors show that this is key for all companies and organisations.

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Revolutionize Your Customer Experience

In his ground breaking book with John Ivens, Colin Shaw looked at the development of the conceptual framework for the customer experience together with examples of best practice and strategies for implementation. As predicted the customer experience has become the next competitive battleground. The current book will explore the subject in more depth with new research and best practice and show companies and organizations how to identify where they are and how to revolutionize their customer experience

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The DNA of Customer Experience

Show me the money! This is the frantic cry of the “old guard” of senior executives as they desperately struggle to deal with commoditizing markets, the loss of their differentiator and the inevitable impact on profitability. At the same time, the new breed of enlightened, customer-focused executives knowingly smile, seeing the answer is simple: focus on the customer rather than the organization, provide customers with an emotionally engaging experience, and the rest will take care of itself.

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About Colin

Colin has been recognized by LinkedIn as one of the world’s top 150 business influencers. He has over 225,000 ‘followers’ of his blogs on LinkedIn. He has also be voted ‘Top 50 Thought Leader Marketeers over 50’ by Brand Quarterly.

Colin is Founder & CEO of Beyond Philosophy, pioneers in the field of Customer Experience. Colin has written four books on the subject. Without question helped shape the whole Customer Experience industry.  Colin’s background is in operational line management. He has held many senior execs in corporate life. He ran 3,500 in global call centers before founding Beyond Philosophy in 2002. Under Colin’s leadership Beyond Philosophy have helped many of the world’s most prestigious organizations improve their Customer Experience across the globe. Beyond Philosophy client list is like a ‘who’s who’ of the worlds most prestigious companies, which include American Express, FedEx, IBM, Caterpillar. One client, Maersk Line, the world’s largest container shipping company, improved their net promoter score by 40 points in 30 months, which gave a 10% in shipping volumes using Beyond Philosophy’s methodology.

Colin is a renowned best-selling author and key note speaker.

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