Frumi Rachel Barr

Prevent the grinding sands of conflict from seizing the gears of business decision-making. A CEO’s Secret Weapon offers 10 results-oriented chapters packed with essential techniques every CEO needs to know. The book begins with the real cause, purpose and reason the enterprise exists. Then it dives into the most troublesome issues confronting the CEO everyday and how to conquer each. Every leader using these methods begins with a huge advantage.

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About Frumi

Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr is a strategy and execution growth expert specializing in mid-market manufacturers and distributors As a serial entrepreneur having started and run 5 entrepreneurial adventures she now follows her passion for guiding the success of CEOs and their teams to Scale Up. She lives her “WHY” (purpose or cause) daily: creating a safe environment for leaders and their teams to talk about the tough issues that matter most to build profitable and sustainable organizations. Dr. Frumi always begins with culture – the competitive advantage of any company. Building ridiculously successful businesses is what it’s all about.

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