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What does it take to become a well-known expert in your field — someone other practitioners and the media seek out for leadership and insight? We call these stars Visible Experts℠. And becoming one is easier than it looks.

What You Will Learn

  • The 5 levels of Visible Experts
  • How these stars earn up to 13X more and help their firms grow faster and be more profitable
  • Why and how clients them seek out
  • A step-by-step program to turn you — and others in your firm — into Visible Experts
  • How you can do it up to 5X faster than most Visible Experts
  • Tips and advice from real-world industry stars

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Does Your Professional Services Firm have a Visible Expert?

In our work with professional services firms, we noticed an interesting trend: firms with a well-known technical professional or sought-after industry “star” on staff seemed to have a much easier time generating new business. Over time, the trend became so apparent that it warranted further investigation. We spent the last year interviewing 130 of these industry stars, or Visible Experts, and surveying 1,028 buyers of their services. These Visible Experts are in the areas of management consulting, accounting and finance, technology, marketing and architecture, engineering and construction (A/E/C). The results are in, and they are unequivocal: having a Visible Expert in your firm confers a major competitive advantage.

Benefits to Firms

The study showed that Visible Experts’ benefits to their firms extend across almost all business metrics, helping firms become better known, attract more leads, grow faster, and command higher rates. The data also revealed five natural levels of visibility, each defined by its own set of criteria. As an expert’s visibility increases, the benefits that they bring to their firms increase, too. Here are some of those specific advantages:

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About the Authors

Lee W. Frederiksen, Ph.D., is Managing Partner at Hinge, a marketing firm that specializes in branding and marketing for professional services. Hinge is a leader in rebranding firms to help them grow faster and maximize value. Lee has authored or edited several books on marketing and management, including Inside the Buyer’s Brain, Spiraling Up: How to Create a High Growth, High Value Professional Services Firm, Online Marketing for Professional Services, Handbook of Organizational Behavior, Marketing Health Behavior: Principles, Techniques and Applications, and Computers, People and Productivity.

Elizabeth Harr is a partner at Hinge, a marketing and branding firm for professional services. Elizabeth is an accomplished entrepreneur and experienced executive with a background in strategic planning, brand building, and communications. She is the coauthor of Inside the Buyer’s Brain, How Buyers Buy: Technology Services Edition and Online Marketing for Professional Services: Technology Services Edition.

Sylvia Montgomery is a Senior Partner at Hinge, a marketing and branding firm for professional services. At Hinge, Sylvia provides strategic counsel to national clients. She is a co-author of The Visible Expert, Inside the Buyer’s Brain, and Online Marketing for Professional Services.

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