Suzan St. Maur

The no-bullsh*t guide to writing blogs that boost your brand, business and customer loyalty … Fed up with the gurus and so-called experts telling you how to set up your blog without sharing any really useful ideas on what to write about? This is the book that cures the problem. 50,000 words not about plugins, widgets and other whizzybangs but some good, sound sense on what to write that makes sure your blog achieves, retains and grows your status and the ongoing business you so richly deserve.

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About the Author

Canadian born, UK-based Suzan St Maur is one of the English language markets’ most experienced business writers in blogging and other content creation, plus social media, ad copywriting, and script/speech writing. She coaches and trains in blogging and content creation as well as having contributed to several hundred business websites and publications around the world, including a popular column on the leading US website, She has had more than 30 nonfiction books published two of which have been “organic” Amazon category number 1 best sellers.
Her website,, has grown from nothing to probably the largest multi-genre writing resource online today with more than 1,000 articles on tutorials receiving 1,500 page views daily. The site has earned a place in’s top 300 social media sites worldwide and has been shortlisted for two international awards in 2015.

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